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Que Sera Se........ra

Here's the story behind the Que Sera Sera video.

We recorded 2 songs that day - Where the Wild Roses Grow and Que Sera Sera - with a couple of good takes of both. Unbeknown to me, my camera stops recording after 11 minutes (due to maximum file size) then starts recording a new one. Unfortunately, this causes a fraction of a second to be dropped. Of course, this happened towards the end of our best take....

So.... we pieced together the 2 videos and it just didn't look good with a bit of the video dropped (we'd recorded the audio separately as the camera mic is crap, so that didn't glitch). So what to do? Splicing in a second or so of the first take was OK but wasn't quite right..... The jump from one to the other just looked crap.

After trying out (and rejecting) a few video effects, we thought about 'glitching' it in; jump quickly between takes for a few frames plus a bit of black screen for hood measure. Looked good....aliens were taking over the transmission.... Still needed something else though, so faded to monochrome. Added more glitch at th

e end and - sorted. Looking good.

Except..... It wasn't quite right having just one glitchy sequence, so we added another to the previous half of the chorus. And the end. And the logo. And a few in the middle. Then spliced in some audio from Take 1 to cover up a performance cock-up, glitched again to hide the lip-sync problem. Added a subliminal frame as the cherry on the icing on the cake.

Et Voila!


PS. Here's the video...

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